Arts on the Move

Participation Plays

For in-person and online learning, including virtual classrooms, Zoom sessions

Now, more than ever, we need arts education in our schools and at home.

These short plays lasting between 30-45 minutes are ideal for introducing students to the magic of theatre.  Our professional storyteller will introduce students to the theatre basics while performing — and while also drawing in students to be part of the play in a welcoming and encouraging manner. Participation Plays always live up to their name: audiences participate! No rehearsal is necessary. The storyteller feeds each actor their lines as the play progresses — and everyone laughs and has a whole lot of fun along the way.

Our classic fairy tales teach valuable lessons about sharing, acceptance, bullying and much more.

Our Participation Plays can be presented in different formats:

  • If you have a cohort classroom, we can attend virtually, and with a teacher’s help, everyone will be directed and have a chance to participate safely.
  • If you have a virtual classroom, our storyteller can Zoom in and deliver any of these plays as a storytime event. This can be done with or without student participation.

Our experienced Theatre Education staff can customize any lesson to suit a teacher’s education and budgetary needs.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Grade Pre K-Grade 4 or mixed)
Treasure Island (Grade 1-5 or mixed)
Christmas Carol (Grade 1-Grade 5 or mixed)
Cinderella (Grade Pre K-Grade 3)
Alice in Wonderland (Grade 1-5 or mixed)
The Case of Little Red Riding Hood (Grade K-2)
James and The Giant Peach (Grade 1-5)

All plays come with vocabulary words that can be worked into a curriculum as well as costume and prop ideas that kids can make themselves to enhance their performance.

Participation Plays are offered year round and can be performed for groups as small as 10 students with no upper limit. 

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For more information on booking a workshop, virtual class, or school visit, please contact Robert Michael Sanders, Education Manager, via email or by calling 303.794.2787, ext. 217.